About Us

SLN Meat Supplies is a fully integrated importer and distributor of wholesale meats in Cambodia. We offer a diverse product line of Beef. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our products in a cost effective manner never compromising on quality and our expectations exceed industry standards.


Our mission is to source and deliver the best protein products to anywhere in the world for a growing roster of global clients. Our product focus is: Australian beef .The SLN Meat industries are committed to producing safe, high-quality meat for customers around the world. We take particular pride in several areas:

Halal Meat Information

Halal-MeatThe Muslim consumer market is very important to the Australian meat industry. SLN Meat Supplies Pty Ltd. has an HIGHEST COUNCIL FOR ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS CAMBODIA which ensures high-quality product that is strictly Halal (“lawful” in Arabic). Australian Meat is recognized as a world leader in Halal meat production.





  The Company Profile     

Business DetailCompany Profile copy

Importation of live beef cattle from Australia, feedlot operation for cattle fattening, slaughterhouse operation and wholesale sales of beef and other by-products. The company has obtained approval from the Cambodia government to operate the feedlot and slaughterhouse and has  been granted approval to import live cattle from Australia. The company has also been granted approval from the Cambodia government to export beef products to other countries outside Cambodia.


Company Registered

Business Name: SLN Meat Supplies Pty Ltd.

Business Structure: Private Limited Company

Company Registration No: Co. 2021 E/2012

Business Location: Prek Toal Village, Teuk Thla Commune, Prey Nup District, Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia.

Date Established: 30 October 2012

Licenses & Permits

  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Cambodia

No. 2246 MoAFF (April 09 2013)

Authority to import up to 800,000 live beef cattle per year from Australia and some other countries for slaughter and animal products to be supplies to market within Cambodia and markets abroad.

  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Cambodia

No.2235 MAFF (April 09 2013)

Authority to establish a type “A” cattle and buffalo abattoir located in Prek Toal Village, Teuk Thla Commune, Prey Nup District, Preah Sihanouk Province.

Production Line

The company will operate a feedlot and abattoir business. Live cattle will be imported from Australia, held under roof in feedlot buildings, fattened using a variety of locally sourced fodder and supplements and subsequently slaughtered and processed. The resultant product will include all beef cuts and by-products such as red and white offal’s, bones, blood, tallow, hooves, heads and hides.


Management & Ownership

Chairman: Mr Hor Sim Leang

General Manager: Mr Tola Chea

Operation Manager: Mr Sok Hour


Board of Directors & Major Shareholders: SLN Meat Supplies Pty Ltd.


Chairman: Mr. Hor Sim Leang

  • Shareholder: Mr. Ang Ly Eng
  • Shareholder: Mr. Seng Chhay Kong